Develop packages together

rOpenSci software review

Non adversarial, constructive.

Helps disseminate best practice.

Builds a community of practice.

rOpenSci software review

rOpenSci software review

Read examples at for instance for a package you know (via

Pull request review

  • Smaller scope.

  • Helps strengthen the code, comments, docs, tests.

  • Helps share knowledge.

Pull request review tips

Let’s demo this live on the course repo.

Review each other’s work!

In breakout rooms, exchange PRs to read, comment on.

Ask questions, make a few suggestions.

Be nice 😸


Anything to report from the breakout rooms?


  • collection of tips/patterns;
  • importance of team work.

How to keep learning?

  • Read blogs,
  • Follow the development of your favorite packages,
  • Review packages and PRs + have yours reviewed.